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Removing one person from an account?


Removing one person from an account?



My parents have AT&T for their internet service and LAN-line telephone & BOTH of their names on their AT&T bill at their current address.  My parents are separating and my Mother is moving out of the house this weekend.   My father will be staying at the address and continuing to use both the AT & T LAN-line phone service and internet service. The separation is NOT amicable....they cannot even be in the same room with eachother......and my Mother wants to remove her name from the AT&T bill.  How does she go about getting her name off of the account (what information will she need) and is it possible for her to do this without any input from my father?


Thank you.

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Re: Removing one person from an account?

Good question. I would think the person who is keeping the account would have to call in and have the other name removed. They will require the last four digits of the social security number of the person who opened the account for verification.


As well, I believe there is some kind of declaration of debt seperation which will need to be published in newspapers so that one cannot be held responsible for the others debts from this point forward.



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