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Rebate problems


Rebate problems

First, I also was promised a $100 rebate card when I first signed up as well as a complete installation for free. When I got my first bill it was over $300 because I was charged for a technician to come in...this was in June...and now 9 months later my bill is still over $300 because they are still trying to charge me for what I was told would be free.  When I call they tell me that the person I talked to convenielty never put any note in my account about getting install for free, but they tell me that next month my bill should be corrected. I have talked to probably 15-20 reps over the last 9 months and even told that I cannot talk to a manager or supervisor because they can't do anything more than the reps, I'm sorry but that is complete bull! 


Now last month I got my bill and they only charged my $9.99 for my DSL but I got my bill new bill just the other day and I am being charged $24.88 for DSL makes no sense.


As for the rebate card, when I called probably 2 months after I signed up to ask about when I would recieve the rebate I was told that the person I had talked to told me the wrong information and I was only eligible for a $25 rebate card...although I was mad I still was going to just accept it and move on...7 months later and I still have not seen the rebate card!


Today when I called I sat on hold for 23 minutes and never got to talk to anyone because I didn't want to wait any longer.  When I called back later at 6:15 the office had convenielty closed 15 minutes prior.


I absolutely hate this company, they have horrible customer service and I am without a doubt canceling my service come May when I move. I will never return to them again


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Re: Rebate problems

File a complaint with BBB and/or FCC. AT&T should take care of these problems, or be reasonable enough to resolve them before a consumer has to complain. Every organization makes mistakes, but a world class organization will attemp to correct those mistakes and assume the consumer is correct. In this case, AT&T does not care for the consume.


You can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau ( and FCC ( Both of which allow you to file complaints online.

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