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Question about links from AT&T


Question about links from AT&T

Good morning,


I received an obvious scam mail this morning asking for my login and password, I, of course, sent it immediately to the AT&T abuse address. They replied within a few minutes with their "auto reply" that they'd received it and, in the reply, listed six websites to visit to help users keep themselves safe from these kind of things (and more). My problem with this is that every single one of the websites which were AT&T sites (four of them) no longer exist!! They were dead links! The other two, Microsoft and the FBI, were active. This, to me is somewhat ludicrous. If AT&T is going to provide information to help their subscribers then the links should be active! If they're not, then don't list dead ones!


I'm an advanced user who knew immediately what to do when the scam email showed up in my inbox. But others might not (and do not) know what to do. I may sound petty in this but AT&T - if you're going to put links in your return emails, at least make them good ones - not dead ones! So many users can and do need information about how to protect themselves and the more help they can get the better it is. Don't give them dead links! That's sloppy and totally unprofessional. We;re all paying for your service, the least you can do is to provide the information to help make it safer, instead of a dead link.



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Re: Question about links from AT&T

Hi Shelley,

Thanks for reporting this.
I will pass it along.

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Re: Question about links from AT&T

Thank you, and for anyone who does receive mail asking for their user name, password, etc., they should immediately forward it to ''. 



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