Promotional rate vs what's on my bill


Promotional rate vs what's on my bill

Can the community manager explain how the "credit" works for a promotional rate?


For instance, I set up my plan for $29.95/month, but am being billed for $48.00/month. I spoke with a representative who said I would be credited the difference. What does this mean? Will it start in the next billing period?



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Re: Promotional rate vs what's on my bill

Same here. I signed up for a 19.99 / mo internet only plan , there was an $18.00 discount on last month's bill but no discount on this month's bill so I'm now being charged $38.00.

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Re: Promotional rate vs what's on my bill

I've had the same issue. I changed my service at the beginning of the year for the dsl promotional price of 14.99, when I received my bill the charge was for $35. I called and they said it takes two months for the pricing to go into effect and my account would be credited. I have called constantly for the past year and they always say my account will be credited. They have even said that they've made notes on my account and it's being reviewed. The representative that I spoke to today said that my case was denied the credit back in July (1st time I hear about it) and that the representative I spoke to in October made a note on my file for $140 credit and it's being reviewed, it taked three months for them to review, so in February I will know the verdict.


I've been with at&t for years, home phone & internet service but this year they have seriously disappointed me.


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