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Problem with printing emails in new email system.


Problem with printing emails in new email system.

Prior to the changes which were made, I could print a copy of an email that contained an attachment and it would show the file name of the attached file. Now in the classic mode, it only shows a file type icon and a few letters of the file name. Only by passing the cursor over the icon does the complete file name show up and only so long as the cursor remains over the icon. If I try to print a copy with the print buttom, the printed copy shows only the icon and the few letters of the file name, not the complete file name. In the new mail mode, the screen shows the complete file name, but the print feature deletes from the printed copy any mention of attachments. As a result, I cannot print a copy of an email for my file which will show the name of the attached files which were included with the email. If I try to use IE7's print function, it only will print the part of the email which shows on the screen, thus deleting the vast majority of the email text. For business users, this is not an acceptable result. We need to be able to print a copy which shows and confirms the identity of attached files. Has anyone found a solution for this problem?
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Re: Problem with printing emails in new email system.

try opening an email with attachment --> on the upper-right corner, click on the PRINT link (with a Printer icon next to it) --> it will pull up another window --> from there, you may click on FILE --> PRINT. see if this works.

BTW, you can also click on the PRINTER icon on IE instead of going thru FILE --> PRINT.
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