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Problem With Wireless Re-Association and the 2Wire DSL Gateway


Problem With Wireless Re-Association and the 2Wire DSL Gateway



Forgive me if this has been answered before.  I've done some searching and believe I have found issues that might be similar to what I am about to describe, however the questions and/or answers were too basic.  I need this to be a little more in-depth.


When I switched to AT&T, I allowed the 2Wire gateway that was supplied to drive the wireless network.  I have had no trouble getting devices to associate with the 2Wire device.  The problems begin after they have been connected for some time and try to reassociate after having gone to "sleep", like a tablet device or a phone or laptop.  It is not a signal strength or interference issue nor a password/encryption problem.  In fact, rebooting the 2Wire gateway will allow the devices to reconnect, which generally would not be an issue if it didn't interrupt TV viewing and recording, in particular when I need the particular device to be on the Internet at that moment.


I believe this is a DHCP leasing problem.  By default the lease for a pooled IP address is twenty four hours.  Changing the lease period, ranging from one hour to seven days (according to my testing) has proven to change only when the reassocitaion issues start to happen again.  Even allocating fixed addresses from the pool made no difference.  It will still run the lease renewal algorithm regardless, the only difference being the same address getting handed out per MAC address.  


As before, rebooting the 2Wire has been the only way I have been able to solve this problem, after which all wireless devices will function well until they go to sleep or the leases start to expire, whichever happens first.  Clearing the Device List has had no effect and the logging output available on the 2Wire isn't verbose enough to provide a hint where the reassociation process is breaking down.


Is this a known issue?




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Re: Problem With Wireless Re-Association and the 2Wire DSL Gateway

Having the exact same problem.  The laptops (6 of them) in the house will connect every time, as will a few of the phones, but the Xboxes, the tablets, and some of the phones won't reconnect without a restart.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Problem With Wireless Re-Association and the 2Wire DSL Gateway

Any ideas if this is being fixed or how we get AT&T involved to fix the problem.  It seems like something everyone must be facing (me included) and the service comes across as unrealiable with this bug.

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