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Problem With DSL Or Modem


Problem With DSL Or Modem

My DSL Light Blinks Red And It Keeps Resetting It Self Every 5 to 10 Min I Can't Play On My XBOX Or Go On The Internet I Have Purchased 2 New Modems I Called The At&t They Say Its The Modem. When I Register My Modem Towards The End When Its Validating My Account On The Next Page It Says Unsafe Like Or Website And It Warns Me I Don't Know If That Could Be Something It Sends Me There. I Have A 2wire Modem. The DSL Light Begins To Blink Without It Even Being Connected To The Internet Yet. I Thinking About Calling At&t And Asking Them To Send A Tech Over Im In FL. I Don't Have A Home Phone.

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Re: Problem With DSL Or Modem

Hello LostSaint93,


Please accept my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you.


Understanding modem lights is the first step in handling modem problems.

Since you mentioned that your DSL light blinks red and it keeps resetting, we can either say that it is a modem issue or a line issue.

You purchased 2 modems and still experience the same connectivity issue.

We can consider that it's already a line issue.


Please do the following basic steps:


1. Powercycle the modem


Shut down the computer.

Turn off the modem or unplug the power supply.

Unplug the telephone cord from the back of the modem.

Note: Leave the devices unplugged or powered off for 10 seconds.

Plug the telephone cord into back of the modem.

Turn on the modem or plug in the power supply.

Wait for the sync light to become solid green.

Restart the computer.


2. Check modem lights ( in your case, DSL light blinks red )


Flashing Red DSL Light: DSL Sync Lost

Red DSL Light: Possible Hardware Failure


3. Verify Dial Tone

There is no need to check for dial tone for your service plan DSL Direct. It is probable that DSL Direct customers may still have a dial tone present on their line, however, it is not usable. If a DSL Direct customer plugs a telephone into the line, they will hear a dial tone, but they will be unable to dial outbound telephone calls or receive inbound telephone calls.


4. Check for Interferences


Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference

(RFI) are common causes of inability to gain sync. To rule out EMI/RFI, check for each of the below until the cause of the interference is found.


NOTE: Unsuitable locations and objects that may cause No Sync or Intermittent Sync on the DSL Modem include:


The modem being too close to electrical devices like subwoofers Neon/fluorescent/halogen lights located too close to the modem 900 MHz or 2.4GHz phones Too many regular phones on the ADSL line Fax Machine Satellite dishes with pay-per-view Security systems attached to the ADSL line Radio station nearby


This issue is best resolved when working together with one of our support agents over a telephone line because it requires multiple troubleshooting steps. Line test is needed for this type of issue to check if your ports are within nomral parameters. After the line test, if it is confirmed that there is a physical line issue, Voice Agents will be communicating with our Network Engineers for port resets and it will be decided if a technician dispatch is necessary. Please call us at

1-888-321-2375 open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We look forward to speaking with you to resolve this issue. 



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Re: Problem With DSL Or Modem

I am currently experiencing the same problem. My connection will get lost every 15 minutes or so. The DSL light flashes red for a little while then turns green. I have had a sync test done from ATT phone line technicians. The results from that were excellent. I have the 2wire modem plugged straight to the NID. Shouldn't be no EMI or RFI because the phone wire is ran outside the house. Any settings in the modem settings that could help keep it from resetting?

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Re: Problem With DSL Or Modem

Sounds like you have the same problem I was having. My modem also was resetting itself randomly and frequently. I spent 3 weeks on the phone with ATT, had one technician come out, and was given two different modems from ATT.  When I spoke with  ATT on the phone they said everything was fine, and they don't see any problems. The technician said I was losing power to the modem, as though the outlet was dropping voltage, ( the same surge protector that my monitor, printer and tower are plugged into) he was obliviously no help and wouldn't answer any calls from me there after. 

       If you've spent a decent amount of time with ATT support and they can't solve the issue, save yourself the headache and buy a new DSL modem from best buy or office depot. An employee at office depot said he also had this problem and ATT told him if he set up a U-VERSE account for a few more dollars it would solve his problem, hmmmmmm.

     It became obvious to me that ATT knows there equipment is mediocre at best, so they just give you the run around. ATTs DSL internet is great when it is working and its a great value, but you get what you pay for.

     I purchased a NETGEAR wireless DSL router and have been up and running, going on 80 hours. make sure you buy the DSL version.

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