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Possible email hack?


Possible email hack?

I have a yahoo email account that was merged with an ATT email account. Yesterday and today I started receiving a multitude (over 15) Mailer-Daemon failure messages stating that mail delivery to certain addresses had failed. Unfortunately, I did not send any emails to these addresses. I went into my account and changed my password and was surprised that I could do so, if the account had indeed been hacked. I do not feel confident that changing the password has necessarily solved anything. Is it possible that ATT is testing email addressed for validity in an effort to streamline files? Or, is there further action I should take?

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Re: Possible email hack?



A definite hack occurred in which someone accessed the address book and sent everyone a link that starts, of course with the http:// and then reads Can we find the culprit from this? The emails that came back as failures, were old, invalid addresses. Those Mailer-Daemon notices list some IP addresses, as well.

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Re: Possible email hack?

I read a 2 year old  advice that said that the bad guys got your email address and then used a software program to crack your password.  They then faked your address in the "From" box and sent the emails to the people on your email address.


We experience this and even clicked on the attachment (when we received the original email from a friend), but it only inserted a tracking cookie into our computer.  A full Norton scan of our computers found nothing significant.


The  we received a lot of undelivered email of the same email from our email address book.  The problem is that the bad guys will sell this information to badder guys which still have your email address and address book..  They do not have to get into your computer again.


We strengthened the power of all of our ATT passwords and set up a new subaccount for our people contacts. In our new email, we imported the people contacts from our old email address.  When we did this the computer asked if we wanted to send an "I have changed my email address" message to all contacts.


Now, we use our old address for businesses and our new contacts for people.


I don't know how the bad guys do this.



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Re: Possible email hack?

My email was hacked too.  Bogus emails sent out to all my contacts.  Have not been able to reset my password and AT&T has not been all that helpful even after talking to an agent.  I wonder how widespread this is on their system?

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