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Port Forward Issue On The 3800HGV-B


Port Forward Issue On The 3800HGV-B

Hey Guys Smiley Very Happy

Quick question Ive run into after moving some servers onto my AT&T Landline from another ISP.

Im trying to move some of my servers, port forwarded, to port 25565 (Minecraft Server) and 8118 (Tor Relay)

The issue Im running into isnt the forwarding and static Ips, its that when I run a port check It comes up negative even though I Have done EVERY step needed.


What I Did:

Put the serers on static (Both on the RG Menus and on the server itself)

Port forwarded to 25565 


I think the issue is the firewall settings?


Can someone help me with what settings I should have on/off?

I have Port Scan unchecked.




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Re: Port Forward Issue On The 3800HGV-B

Can anyone help?

Lol 13 yiews and no suggestions??



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