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    Posted Jun 29, 2012
    9:24:45 AM
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    Poor Service in Puerto Rico
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    To: Mr. Siegel  

    Corporate Issues


    My name is Wilfredo and behalf of our company president, Fernando

    I am writing to express our extreme dissatisfaction with AT&T’s account executives here in PuertoRico.


    Specifically for the ways these AT&T representatives have evaded us in this matter.

    The issues we are clamming are commitment made by AT&T representatives in order to obtain us as corporate customers which have not been honored.


    Mr. Vargas committed to offer discounts and credits to our account.

    This I believe, in order to gain our account.

    We switched several months ago to AT&T and have not seen any of these discounts or credits to be applied.


    Even worst.  Mr. Vargas which appeared to be extremely accessible and amicable at the beginning of the sale process has been impossible to be reached.

    We left several messages in his voicemail, which he never returned the calls.


    Afterwards we learned that Mr. Perez was his supervisor, so we tried to contact him by phone and by e-mail.

    Same results, this person was also impossible to be reached.


    We even went personally on May to the AT&T corporate office in Guaynabo, PR and we were practically ignored, didn’t even made it from the reception.

    We have given up on trying reaching these individuals both.


    Mr. Siegel, we escalate this matter to you with all respect, willing that this matter could be resolved in a cordial manner.

    We want to see those credits and discount applied to our account.


    Please help us.


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    Poor Service in Puerto Rico

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