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Please update your email address [directs to a page through]


Please update your email address [directs to a page through]

I have received an email from [] with a subject line of:

Please update your email address

This email contains an embedded link that leads to a page through [] which requests that I update my ATT promotional preferences.

I am a long time user of an address in Texas.  Since I am not located in the bellsouth region, I don't understand why I am receiving email directing me to use a page to update any preferences.

I have forwarded the email to but understand that I probably won't get any feedback from them.

Is there a way to confirm whether or not this was a legitimate email?  If so, why does ATT use a page for accounts that aren't related to bellsouth?

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Re: Please update your email address [directs to a page through]

Hello BetaMann,
I would like to inform you that we have recently become aware of this email. It was not generated by AT&T, and we believe it is a scam. Please help us track the person responsible for this email by forwarding the message with the Internet Headers to: A Phishing email is an email that appears to come from AT&T. The goal is to have the Customer respond to the email and provide personal information. Usually the email will state that AT&T needs to update the Customers records, or that their account was suspended and include steps to restore service (by providing some of their personal information).
We advise do not to respond to these emails but to forward them to and AT&T will perform an investigation of the email and work to prevent it from happening again in the future. AT&T will not send any form of email communication soliciting personal information from the Customer.
In order to resolve this issue, please forward the message with the Internet Header to In order to get the header, please visit the help link mentioned below:
If you experiencing any issue, it is recommended that you contact AT&T eChat support. They will help you accordingly.
If you leave in 'AR, CA, CT, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, TX, & WI', you may click on the following link to connect to a chat agent:

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Re: Please update your email address [directs to a page through]

While I am glad to say that I did get a response from having submitted the email to, I am disappointed that AT&T is sending what they say are legitimate notices to users that lead them to an unexpected page through [].


Those of us who are not in the Bellsouth service area do not expect to click on a link in the email and be whisked away to a site when receiving email from AT&T.


In addition, it is not clear in this message why AT&T has "missed" me.  Missed me from what?  Why do they need me to "update" my email address or my preferences?  They obviously have it and are reaching me through it. 


This email still baffles me and it makes no sense to me at all.  There are preferences options through my normal AT&T account access that I can get to without being led to an odd page.  At least now, I can feel free to actually try the unsubscribe link in the email.


There is so much that phishing/malware authors can do to cloak their efforts, the fact that AT&T allows this type of communication to lead users to an unexpected web-site is something that I feel that they need to reconsider.


This is the response that I received:


The message you provided for our inspection is an authentic notification from
AT&T.  Please take the time to read the email notification carefully and
entirely.  If you have any questions about the notice, please contact AT&T
based on the information provided in the notice.

Finally, please note that any authentic e-mail notification from AT&T will
NEVER request your social security number , your password, or that you open any
file attachment.   

AT&T Internet Service
Chief Security Office
Special Investigations and Legal Compliance


As far as the email I received that the Special Investigations unit says is legitimate, they need to be aware that users who receive these notices are puzzled and AT&T needs to be more consistent with the pages that they direct users to.


That said, I encourage other users to continue sending these types of suspicious emails to [].  (Don't assume that you received the same email I did.)




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Re: Please update your email address [directs to a page through]

I also received this very suspicious email and agree with everything you have said about it. I reported it to AT&T and received a reply stating that it was legitimate. Well I say shame on AT&T for sending this kind of email. Most people are already so sensitized to email scams that they will suspect an email like this that looks so fishy and will send you off to some unknown place when you click on the link. Whoever came up with this should have their head examined. No intelligent person is going to respond to something as manipulative as a picture of little girls and the message "We Missed You". Also, why would they need me to update my email address if they successfully sent me an email???? C'mon AT&T, stop treating us like we're ignorant. I think I'm going to go VOIP ASAP.

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