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Please read - very bad experience with at&t


Please read - very bad experience with at&t

I've started with at&t DSL internet service in February this year (2011). They told me in the store in would be around $20/month after one or two billing cycles with each $42/month but it never went down. I called customer service and the woman insisted the $20 is only when I bundle internet with home phone. I was reading the woman the terms and conditions on the at&t website where it said clearly internet only for $20/month but there was no way. I went to the store again and it turned out that they forgot to apply the discount to my account. Everyhting was fine until I had to move four months later. I called at&t customer service to transfer the DSL internet service where I was told that the new address only has U-verse service so I would have to upgrade. I agreed. But I kept receiving bills for the DSL account. After numerous calls I figured out that they didn't close the DSL account but instead they transferred it to the new address! It was an experience to talk to some ‘highly trained’ customer representatives. The DSL account number is a plain phone number whereas the U-verse account number it is not. Some reps wanted the U-verse phone number, and vice versa. They eventually closed the DSL account and sent me a check with the remaining balance. But I still kept receiving bills for this account! I again called customer service. They told me I have to pay a fee because I cancelled the DSL account within 12 month and to receive the discount I need to have DSL for at least 12 month. I disagree with at&t’s argumentation, I never signed a contract, and terms and conditions do not mention a term plan. Anyway, I told them that I wanted to keep DSL but at&t was not able to offer it at the new location. They eventually waived the $150 early termination fee.

U-verse internet worked fine for a couple of weeks before service stopped suddenly overnight. I called technical support but they couldn't help and sent out a technician. I ended up with at least 10 phone calls and 5 visits of a technician until they finally found the problem after 5 days. Not to mention that everytime the technician came I had to be at home. They never told me why I lost internet connection. All technician were not able to restore internet service until the last technician took the time to compare the color coding of the cable in the apartment with the cable color coding in the box outside the house. At&t was sending the internet signal to my neighbor!!! But, still, I had to pay for those days without service.

Then, after 2 month (August 2011) I had to move again which is a different story. I called at&t customer service to transfer the service. I was told that the new location has more features and they need to send a technician to install service which would cost me a $150 installation fee . Plus, I would have to wait 6 weeks because they are so busy. I thought that’s ridiculous. I called at&t the next day to cancel the transfer and to close the U-verse account. Now they were willing to waive the installation fee and to send somebody much earlier. I declined. The rep informed of a $150 early termination fee which maybe will applied to the final bill which I should receive shortly. He also told me I don’t have to return any equipment. I was waiting 2 weeks for the final bill. Nothing. I called customer service. They told me I have to wait til the bills for the new billing cycle are out (app. 2 weeks) and that the account will be closed and that I don’t need to return any equipment. At&t kept sending bills and also deducted money from my account!! I don’t recall that I ever activated the autopay function on my at&t account. I disabled autopay function, at least that’s what I thought. I got another bill and, again, they deducted money from my account. Magically, the autopay function was activated again! But this time I was unable to deactivate it. I called customer service yesterday (10/10/2011). Now they are telling that I never asked to close the U-verse account and that I only cancelled the transfer of the service. Are they kidding? Is at&t manipulating the account records to use me as a cash cow? The rep again informed me of the $150 early termination fee that I may (note the use of the word ‘may’) have to pay. This time, they told me I have to return all equipment. I asked what equipment exactly. The rep said modem, TV box etc. I have never had a TV box from at&t. The rep was just naming equipment without looking into my account! Later, I looked into my old bills and according to the bills I paid $75 for the modem! I bought the modem but now at&t want me to give it back! What is wrong with at&t?

This is not the end of my very bad experience with at&t. At&t advertises a free modem with a DSL internet account which is not true because first you have to pay $100 for it and then you have to send a copy of your receipt to the Reward Center. After one month of DSL service I sent everyhting required to the Reward Center and waited the six weeks they said it would take to process your claim. I never received something from the Reward Center so I called. For some strange reasons I got disqualified. They made me call the billing center and arrange a three-way-call to the reward center. After this I was qualified and in 4 to 6 weeks I should receive the $100. Needless to say I waited for nothing. Again a call to the reward center. This time, due to a glitch in the computer system my claim got lost. Many apologies and of course it would take another 4 to 6 weeks to process it. The end of the story is I never received the $100 reward because in August I cancelled at&t service and I lost eligibility. I was an at&t customer for six month and had nothing but trouble. This is the worst company ever.

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Re: Please read - very bad experience with at&t

Hi caswellbea,

Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting.  I'm very sorry to hear about your recent experience and the ongoing trouble.  Since this is account specific, please shoot me a Private Message (blue envelope, top-right corner) with your contact information.  We will look into it.




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Re: Please read - very bad experience with at&t

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Re: Please read - very bad experience with at&t

So, my complaints in this forum worked. I talked to the customer service 2 weeks later and was told: (I) I can keep the router - since I paid for it, and (II) there will be no early cancellation fee. I was happy until I received another bill from att. They want me to pay $100 early termination fee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ignored this bill and I was sure they won't deduct it from my account since they disabled the autopay function. That's what I thought.



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Re: Please read - very bad experience with at&t

"Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting.  I'm very sorry to hear about your recent experience and the ongoing trouble.  Since this is account specific, please shoot me a Private Message (blue envelope, top-right corner) with your contact information.  We will look into it.





Only this doesn't seem to be an account specific problem.  This seems to be the way your company operates.  I signed up for internet access back in September after seeing the promotional saying it would cost $19.95 a month.  I called and told the representative I wanted the $19.95 internet deal.  We got it all turned on and when I received my first bill I was being charged at a rate of $43 a month.  I called and the representative said it'd take a couple billing cycles for the credits to get to the account.  I toldhim at that time I wasn't paying the inflated bill.  I would pay the bill when I could see the credits.


I've yet to see a correct bill and I'm still being charged $43 a month, although I've yet to actually pay a bill.  The last representative now tells me it takes 4 billing cycles for the credits to show up.  Now that I read these forums it seems this scam just keeps taking peoples money until they quit.


My suggestion is to call the FCC and file a complaint. 


In short, it looks more like a scam than an offer and I'm just glad it hasn't cost me any money.




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