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Phone line and DSL lost for about 60 seconds every day within a minute or two of 10:15 pm 63017 zip


Phone line and DSL lost for about 60 seconds every day within a minute or two of 10:15 pm 63017 zip

For at least the last two months (this is when we pinpointed the issue), our phone line and dsl are lost for about 1 minute, very close to 10:15 p.m.  This was first brought to our attention in trying to solve a burglar alarm issue.  The alarm company brought us a log showing the phone line went out every single night without exception at 10:15, plus or minus a minute or two.  The interruption had to last at least 30 seconds to register on their system.  No intervention on our part was needed to fully restore service each night, so unless we were streaming video or on the phone, we would not be aware of the outage, except for an error message on our alarm system.  The alarm company moved to wireless monitoring, so the alarm is now completely disconnected from our land line, but the outage continues each night.


These days, we are streaming with a Roku and running into this problem fairly often.  When the streaming is interrupted, we check the phone and there is no dial tone.  I now have a connectivity program installed on my computer and it is creating a log similar to that the burglar alarm company provided.  Service restores without any action on our part.


A local technician checked for line faults and switched the pair (DPG?) feeding our home without changing the outage pattern.  He verified that nothing is connected to the phone line but a telephone and a 2Wire/ATT dsl modem, which is connected through an approved dsl filter.  No television devices are connected, as we have satellite TV and our TIVO is connected through WiFi.  


I have to believe some kind of regular maintenance or line check is involved, but no one has identified it.  The local tech is as nice as could be and has checked with everyone in his department, but neither he nor his colleagues have ever seen this before and they are out of solutions.



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