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Past month DoS Attacks: RST/ACK Scans


Past month DoS Attacks: RST/ACK Scans

I've noticed every 2-10 seconds I get this showing up in my router log. After it does this for about an hour my internet speed decreases and my upload speed becomes shockingly low too.


my 40kb upload speed becomes 10 and my download speed that is normally 800-850kb becomes 400.


I've noticed the only time it does this when these attack scans keep occuring. so I did some IP lookup and tracebacks and it resulted from some in France, some in Germany etc..


Please, what do I do and who do I report these scans containing the IP and port number being used during the scan including the time frame down to the second and dates?

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Re: HELP! Past month DoS Attacks: RST/ACK Scans

Have you tried to hardwire (ethernet cable) the laptop to the Modem/Router and shut off the wireless on the laptop and Modem/Router to eliminate the wireless from the equation. Did you say that this problem usually occurs when downloading from a particular website (sewing patterns)?







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Re: HELP! Past month DoS Attacks: RST/ACK Scans

I have a desktop connected and the only wireless is the laptop in which the laptop is only used for sewing patterns.

the desktop is used for gaming.


neither computers use p2p by the way.


the router used is netgear wndr3700.

I have tried disabling wireless and just using one computer and it still does it and also tried using two computer and it still does it, even tried using opposite computer when using only one and it still does it.


I'm still lead to believe its scans being ran through the DNS. I remember hearing how attacks like this was coming from a site called 4chan and at&t blocked that site because of it... however still having problems of this happening even after reading they blocked that website. when I say because of it I mean because of exploitation scans coming in from it. Even though the scans are bouncing off, still the obsession of purely scanning back to back is hammering rather my router, the modem or the dns which I'm connected to. It leads me to believe that its instead the DNS simply because about the time I noticed this others starting posting on the forums of disconnect problems and slow internet problems.


Oh by the way it occurs not on a particular website, just "any" website you visit, doesn't even matter what it is, even if its one we have never been to in our first internet browse back before 56k modems.

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