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Password reset w/new router/modem


Password reset w/new router/modem

I had to purchase a new router modem.  Actiontec WT724wgr.   The same model that I was previously using that was knocked out by storms my area has been having.  I purchased the same model I had previously and set up the connection with the same computer as before.  I was able to get an internet connection, however it automatically routes from any page to an AT&T page that says my internet password needs reset.  I put in the verifying information and the Updating information page just sits there.  Last night the page was stuck for half an hour "Updating information"  My previous modem/router never had to do this.  The login and password were entered correctly.  What is the deal? 


It is an Actiontec Gt724wgr.  I understad that this is not an AT&T "approved" device, but I didn't have any problems before with the same model, different device. 

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Re: Password reset w/new router/modem

Hello miah,


Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience that you might have experienced.  

I would like to share that there is a recent change about the AT&T customer’s DSL account and Network password.


From June 13, 2010, the DSL Member ID password has been decoupled into two separate passwords.
There will be an Account password (for AT&T email account portal) and a DSL Network password (to connect to the Internet).



  • The Account password will provide the customer access to email and online portal applications.
  • The DSL Network password will be a system-generated password that will be used by the modem to authenticate and connect to the network. 
  • Customers will continue to have the ability to use cMAM ( to perform their own password resets.



The window that you are receiving to update your AT&T account details must require your AT&T Network password, so we recommend you engage in a live chat session with one of our DSL experts by clicking the link below.


AT&T DSL Support Chat


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