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Password reset for SBCGLOBAL sub-account?


Password reset for SBCGLOBAL sub-account?

Dear Support,
How would I reset my SBCGLOBAL's password? I cannot remember it, but apparently changed it in my Apple Mail's account settings before I forgot it so I have access to my e-mail (on my Mac). I called AT&T and they tried helping me reset it, but to no avail as I could not remember the answer to my security question. Online when I tried to change the password, I remember one of the answers, but not the other. Is there any way that I can be helped?



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Former Employee

Re: Password reset for SBCGLOBAL sub-account?

We understand your concern and realize the inconvenience you are experiencing.
You can refer to the following link which would provide the steps to reset the password.
The security questions ( 2 Online and one Offline) are necessary to validate the account The privacy and protection of personal information is for your safety and security purpose and is of utmost importance to us.
If that does not fix the issue, please feel free to contact our technical support at 1-877-722-3755 ( toll free), 24/7.
We look forward to speaking with you to resolve this issue.

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Re: Password reset for SBCGLOBAL sub-account?

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Re: Password reset for SBCGLOBAL sub-account?

I have the same problem . ATT requires the 3 digit extension from a old land line phone bill to reset . I have no idea what it is . I need help !
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