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Parental Control Software Problem


Parental Control Software Problem

I was wondering if anyone has had a problem installing the AT&T Parental Control Software.  I installed the software however after installation the software will not allow me to login. The login window comes up however I keep getting the error message 'login failed please try again'. The software will not accept my login.   I called the 1-800 number provided on the FAQ page for the Parental Control Software but was told that since I live in Texas they could not help me (I needed to live in Alabama).  The agent transferred me but the guy in Texas (or where ever he was) could not help me and transferred me to a dead line (at least he didnt hang up on me, I guess I should be happy).  I even chatted with a tech support person but after about an hour of chatting and two agents later he discovered he couldn't help me either.  I was told that I need to call Connect Tech Support, subscribe to their service (or pay a one time fee) and they would definitely be able to solve my problem.  I don't want to pay a fee to solve an issue with their software.  Has anyone had a similar problem with a fix?. 

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Re: Parental Control Software Problem

Hello kkdukes,

Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience that you might have experienced. Please try to sign in on AT&T Yahoo! parental control login page with your primary AT&T email address.

If the issue persists, it is recommended that you contact AT&T tier 2 support at 1-877-722-3755 (open 24/7) and troubleshoot according to their recommendation, they will do the needful for you accordingly.

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Re: Parental Control Software Problem

I am really sorry to hear this, even though I don't work at AT&T. I reccomend that you do these steps:

Internet Explorer: Tools > Manage Add-Ons > Toolbars and Extensions > blspcHlper Class > Disable

Firefox: Tools > Add-Ons > Plugins > blspcHlper Class > Disable


If you are stuck in a constant refresh loop, just hit stop (the X button).


Then go to task manager and be sure to leave the Login Window open.

Goto: Processes > bsloader.exe > End Process


Now, restart your pc...


Then do this:

Internet Explorer: Tools > Manage Add-Ons > Toolbars and Extensions > blspcHlper Class > Enable

Firefox: Tools > Add-Ons > Plugins > blspcHlper Class > Enable


Close and reopen your web browser and everything should be fixed...


A simple pc restart (just a restart) may also fix it...

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Re: Parental Control Software Problem

Don't pay anything!


I paid but they still could not help to fix the problem.

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Re: Parental Control Software Problem

Your instructions helps to by pass the unsuccesful log-in att parental control and browse the web. It does not help to solve the issue of unsuccesfully log-in to att parental control.

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