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Pamelaz - slow service same as 80% of th forum participants - TIRED OF EXCUSES


Pamelaz - slow service same as 80% of th forum participants - TIRED OF EXCUSES


What brings me to this forum site is I’m TIRED OF EXCUSES!!


Just as many of your other customers are stating their frustrations in this forum, we are not getting the truth.


What was advertised is a max 12mb. What should have been advertised is you actual get an average of 8.5 MB. (Maybe)


I fully understand the Terms and Conditions that the "Service Capability" is to the point of the 1st router is ATT's caveat and there may be a drop after that, due to ALL the exclusions stated within the Terms and Conditions. Having stated your legal jargon.  I sit here typing this message at 10:06 a.m. EST on a Sunday morning, 9/18/11. I am the only person on- line. The televisions are not on, no other computers are on. Only me on this computer.

The following test speeds were taken at 9:30 this a.m.:

       1.   ATT Speed Test..........Download 9.52 --- upload 1.43  ---- In my back yard??

       2. 7.57 ---- upload 1.33 ----To Atlanta

       3. 8.39 -----Upload 1.13 ---- To Miami

                (Please see test results at the bottom of the message)

                 (These tests were performed sequentially, not simultaneously.)

In addition to this issue is another one. They may be related, don't know. As happens all too many times over the past month, my wireless connection to the ATT router/modem read connection: EXCELLENT. The speed however goes from what it should be of 54 Mbps to (last night on the phone with ATT 2 Mbps) normally it drops from 54 to 48 to 36 then to 24. At that time I need to hit the repair button to reset the connection. Right now it is at 36 Mbps. Again, I am the only one on the system. This laptop has been at the same location for nearly 3 years...this also happen on 2 other laptops, including a Mac.


Customer Service Questions:

    1.    Why does it take 30-45 minutes for a person to answer the phone?

    2.    When they do answer the phone, why do I hear story telling between agents and laughter of the stories being told?

    3.    When I do speak to the level one technician, why are they not reading the notes from the previous time I called and make me do all the same unconstructive steps that failed the last time?  Einstein stated this was the sign of insanity, if you expect a different result.

    4.    Why is it 50% of the time (on a land line) I get disconnected and start the process over? Out of the 50%, I get a 20% call back rate. Please do the math to see how low that number is..

    5.     After going through those hoops, level 1 technician send me to Level 2. Why does this take another 20-30 minutes? Similarly, I’ll hear the background story telling, is this why I need to wait? Whatever happened to customer service?

    6.    Again they walk me through unconstructive steps; once again failing...(right now my wireless speed is 24Mbps)

    7.    Why is it 50% of the time (on a land line) I get disconnected and start the process over? Out of the 50%, I get a 10% call back rate. Please do the math to see how low that number is.

    8.    ATT scheduled a technician to do an in-house swap out of the router/modem.......Should my expectations be HIGH?


Service Capability Questions:

    1. If ATT is to provide a "Service Capability" as advertised of  12 Mb to the 1st connection point at the house router, how do I independently test that? As Reagan stated "trust but verify"

     2.   If I am only receiving the speeds indicated from the test results shown above (again, with no other usage happening) what is the real speed at the entry point?

    3.     If, the advertised expectation is 12 Mbps, and the small print says don't expect to get it, what speed at the entry point am I truly getting. If it is not 12Mbps, then allow us, customers, to pay for the prorated average for the month. How is it unfair to ask for that?  I would rather have the speed given a choice...

   4.   Why are the speed results always higher with ATT.? One of the tests goes to Miami and I am in Ft Lauderdale, the other goes to Atlanta? This happens repeatedly, why??


Wireless laptop connection to/from Router/Modem:

    1.    If my signal strength reads EXCELLENT (similar conditions on other laptops) why does the speed drop from 54 Mbps to 24 Mbps?

    2.    What happens when the signal strength is at 54Mbps, then the web site takes a very long time to load (dialup speed) and at times timeout?


If I could bill you the hours spent on resolving this, ATT would be sending me a check for services rendered.


Pamelaz, it was not the intent to have a rambling statement, I presented the questions, I perceive as accurate and certainly more than fair to ask.


As these issues are certainly above your pay grade, I strongly request, if not require, that they be addressed by someone with the appropriate pay grade. 


The similar issues being brought up in the surrounding posts to this one certainly indicate an issue; I'm just TIRED OF EXCUSES, what are the facts.





Below are the speed tests.


att speed test

speakeasy speed test speed test

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Re: Pamelaz - slow service same as 80% of th forum participants - TIRED OF EXCUSES

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