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PS3 and AT&T downloading game updates and video content issues

PS3 and AT&T downloading game updates and video content issues


I, and many other AT&T and PS3 users, have been having an issue now for about 2 weeks with downloading game updates and video content on my Playstation 3 from the PSN.  I have NO ISSUE downloading game content, demos or playing online with my PS3.  I can sign in, browse the internet, etc with no issue, but downloading video content and game updates are downloading at a SUPER slow rate.  I can download a 350 MB game demo in 3 minutes, but a 122 MB game update takes 1500+ minutes and will sometimes time out and give an error code.  How can it be that only select types of content are giving me this issue? 


I have called in to directly talk to support with Sony and followed steps to disable the media server, set a static ip with my modem, open ports on my modem, set it up to DMZ host and a straight connection to the internet with no firewall.  I have called AT&T and Sony multiple times trying to straighten this out with no luck.  I was told by the last lady I spoke with at Sonys line (1-800-345-7669) that there is nothing else they can do to assist my issue on their end, and the same with AT&T.


My PS3 is a 60 GB launch PS3, wired connection, Nat Type 2 (now 1 after the DMZ Host set up), 16.7 Mbps download and 2.2 Mbps upload in my connection test through the playstation 3.  I have AT&T u-verse internet in southern california and I have not had a change in connection or account with AT&T at all in recent months.


I have never had any connection issues in the past.  Up to 2 weeks ago, I could download all content extremely fast and with no issue.  Again, it is not all downloads, only GAME UPDATES and VIDEO CONTENT (like Pulse, The Tester, game trailers, etc.). 


Here are some links to a youtube video of my issue and a link to the playstation forums and another message board where many other people are having the EXACT problem as me.


Please review this issue many of us are having and forward it to ANY possible department who can help me or address and check the issue internally for any possible reason a specific ISP could have issue with select content downloading slowly directly from PS3 servers through your system.  Thanks.

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Re: Problems with PS3 and AT&T downloading videos and updates

Oh, also, those links are to message boards and posts where other users have the EXACT same problem. The common thread is that we all have AT&T internet of some kind. It is not just me or an isolated problem.  Destructoid posted the problem on their site and many users posted that they are all suffereing from this.

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Re: Problems with PS3 and AT&T downloading videos and updates


Here is a solution I found to the problem from another board.  It worked for me.


Hey guys, I have been having this issue now for several weeks now. Finally had a day off work and have been researching and testing things ALL DAY. Seems like there are many suggestions for people who are getting this kind of error but if your issue was anything like mine, you probably have ATT U-Verse and can use the internet fine, just not game downloads.

I copy and pasted this from the playstation boards, thanks to a guy named Led_Zep70, i am trying to pass this information on to as many forums as possible, and I would hope you will do the same.


(I'm posting this on as many forums as I can to get the word out, it frustrated the crap out of me)

Hey everyone, the slow PS3 downloads seem to be a DNS issue. This all started a few weeks ago when my PS3 failed to update to 3.56. After troubleshooting, I downloaded the 3.56 update on my PC, directly from Sony's site, and could only manage 20 kb/s. At this point, I knew it was not PS3 related. A few years ago, I had a similar issue with ATT DSL and had to use alternate DNS servers to fix my problem. Sure enough, changing my PS3 DNS Servers fixed this issue for me, yet again.

Here's a short tutorial for those who may need step by step instructions:

#1 - Go to Network Settings on your PS3

#2 - Select Customized

#3 - Use either Wired or Wireless, depending on your connection.

#4 - Enter your information as usual, when you get to "DNS Servers",

manually enter:



Hope this works for you as well.

{Please keep it courteous}



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Re: Problems with PS3 and AT&T downloading videos and updates

I would like to point out the above DNS addressess referenced are for Google's public DNS.

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