PACE 4111n modem/router a downgrade?


PACE 4111n modem/router a downgrade?

Was having problems with my 8 year old 2Wire gateway.  Decided to "upgrade" to the newer Pace model.


Consistent speeds with 2Wire were 2.41 down .41 up.  With the Pace, I'm seeing 1.76 down and .36 up.


Are there any settings/or firmware updates to help?  I did a plug and play with my new gateway.


Any help?

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Re: PACE 4111n modem/router a downgrade?

Whar are you referring your numbers from the 4111? speed tests?


THis is the 4111 display here

Down Up
DSL LineLine 1 (inner pair)
User Rate6016 kbs768 kbs
Max User Rate10176 kbs1260 kbs
Noise Margin18.6 dB20.0 dB
Attenuation16.0 dB10.0 dB
Output Power12.7 dBm11.9 dBm
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Re: PACE 4111n modem/router a downgrade?

Yes those are from a speedtest app.  Both wired and wireless connections.


Although some ratings are comparable to the old 2Wire gateway I had, most readings fall into the slower speed I indicated.

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Re: PACE 4111n modem/router a downgrade?

With dslreports speed test I am seeing 4.799M DS / 617K US on my 4111N. I have 6M DS / 768K US service.  You may want to check over a couple days.

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