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Overcharged DSL service


Overcharged DSL service

Recently I have taken over the role of paying my AT&T bills, as my wife has gone back to work. While reviewing my last statement, I noticed that we were being charged for DSL service that we did not have. I contacted AT&T and explained the situation, providing documentation that we had DSL with Comcast. They admitted the problem, but will only go back three months for a credit. How can they charge me for a service that I could not even receive (I don't have an AT&T modem) and then NOT refund me for their error? I just don't know what to do. [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate]. Worst thing is that I have my business account with them, my home phone service and all our cell phones. Thinking about canceling all those contracts. This is leaving me with a real bitter feeling, especially seeing others complaining. What's the deal AT&T? I didn't mention that I'm also a stock holder in the company. Very dissapointed in AT&T!

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Re: Overcharged DSL service

Welcome and thank you for posting. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble. I received your Private Message and replied. Since this is account specific, please check your Private Message inbox (blue envelope, top-right) for an update.


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