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Online Billpay Account


Online Billpay Account

I've set up online billpay accts with dozens of companies. But I can't do it with this thing called ATT. None of their logins, their account numbers, their usernames make sense. And none that I already have will work. So I spent an hour on the phone. Finally getting to someone in billing for whom English was a fourth or fifth language. I don't think they even understood what I wanted, Then, the call cut off. I am left with the opinion that ATT is so bad that they cannot even get themselves paid. Will someone get hold of me and give me whatever account number, user name, access number, authorization number or whatever idiotic thing it takes to set up the online account??????
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Re: Online Billpay Account

And please do not tell me to go to the directions. I have followed them five times and each time when I reach the screen below, the submit button fails to work. This is Firefox 8. REGISTRATION FOR HIGH-SPEED INTERNET Verify Account Information The information below is required to securely register your account for online access. Phone Number or 10-digit Account Number PIN Please enter the ZIP Code of the billing address for this account. ZIP Code must be five digits. 5 Digit Billing Address Zip Code
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