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Not sending email in Outlook Express


Not sending email in Outlook Express

I have just moved to the USA from the UK. I chose AT&T for my internet service because the previous owner of my house used them and it was reliable, apparently.

Having still got my own domain name in the UK, I prefer to use my UK email address and all incoming mail arrives ok. However, I suspect that AT&T has blocked my port 25 which prevents me ffrom sending email to anyone via Outlook Express. How do I go about getting them to unblock port 25 so that I can send emails to my family back home again? I have changed the smtp port to 586 and have the same issue.

It's interesting to note that the previous owner of the house used Outlook Express too and had no problem sending emails.

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Re: Not sending email in Outlook Express

You've got few options to check:

  • Check your port number. It should be 465 with SSL checked.
  • To use your old email account with AT&T smtp server, you will have to register this address in AT&T user panel - mail options. Should work then.
  • You can try to use some other, independent smtp server - just search google for smtp servers and You will find something for sure. Mind that most of them are paid. But you do not have to worry about such issues any more and you will be able to use your Outlook from any hot spot, while travelling for example.
  • You can also use your own computer as an smtp server by using a special software. Just search for "free smtp server".

Maybe one of this solutions will work for you. Good luck!

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Re: Not sending email in Outlook Express

Thanks for that info, I have made an improvement but as yet have not found the way into the user panel. The account is in my wife's name and we cannot log in effectively. I think we just took it for granted that we could set our email up without a problem. We do not need the address and would probably never use it so, we skipped that bit once we were online. The improvement that I made showed that when sending, the message was "securing", then it timed out. I set the timeout for a lengthy period but it still failed to send. At least I am one step forward.


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Re: Not sending email in Outlook Express

Well I don't think that this might help you. What do you mean by not found the way to the user panel? Did you lost your account data? I think that the case is that you are trying to use some external (your domain) smtp server with AT&T ISP and you are being blocked. This is very common problem for outlook users often connecting by public hot spots and different ISP's etc. The option is also to use some free web mail - like gmail for exemple. You can configure your domain to forward mail to gmail and also set up gmail to send as your domain address. But to use Outlook or any other email client in this situation might be hard. My advise is to try out some smtp server provider with free trial account, to see if it solve the problem or free smtp software server. And you deffinitely should call AT&T support - if thay can't help you, they at least shoul tell you what is causing the problem.

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