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Not receving e-mail in Outlook


Not receving e-mail in Outlook

I have not been receving e-mail in Outlook on a timely basis and by this I mean hours. I see the emails using webmail but not in Outlook. I have had 2 chat sessions with agents and voila everytime I do this email appears in Outlook. The first time, asked the agent what he/she did and the response was that it was synchronized. This is after we went through all my Outlook settings and was confirmed it was OK. Started having problems again and had a chat session again. Confirmed that all the settings were correct. Here is the kicker, she says that it is my Norton or McAfee anti-virus that is causing it and I say well I have not changes any setting on it and I have the AT&T security Suite. She then says it was my firewall and to cahnge it and I say how do you do it and she says she cannot help me and gave me a number to call. I call and it is a fee based support. I hang as I am not paying for this since gut feel says it is an AT&T problem. Lo and behold not 1 minute after I receive emails in Outlook. After a few hours, I am not receivng email again. This I call tech support and gave them access to my computer. She checks setting and settings are OK. While I was on the phone with her, I receive emails in Outlook. I check the time of the email and it was 2 hours ago. So WHY is this happening? I know it is an AT&T problem. Why do AT&T not acknowledge the problem and make you feel like you have a computer problem. This is very frustrating. If AT&T has a problem admit and fix it. Do not pass responsibility and accountability to someone else. I am fed up. My DSL goes down at least once a day and I loose work that I have done and now this??? Comcast here I come and hello Gmail.
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Re: Not receving e-mail in Outlook

I just wanted to add that I was told that I am getting email becasue I had webmail and Outlook open at the same time which is not true becasue I had them both open 1 time and I sent an email to myself and I saw it in Webmail and then it went to Outlook. When I press send and receive the error message is "The POP3 server you specified cannot be found". So where do you think the problem is? (the server) And I told the agent this.
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Re: Not receving e-mail in Outlook

hi fledda!

you may check the send/receive settings on outlook. just open outlook --> go to TOOLS --> OPTIONS --> MAIL SETUP tab --> click on the SEND/RECEIVE button. from there, you could setup how many minutes outlook will try to send/receive emails (do a refresh). then hit OK.

if this does not fix the issue, you may also try to delete and create a new email profile in Outlook 'coz there could also be a chance that the email profile itself has already been corrupted.

hope this helps! :smileyhappy:
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Re: Not receving e-mail in Outlook

Thanks for the input. I have gone through all of the settings and the send/receive is set at 1 min. Whenever I press the send/receive button I get an error message saying that the POP3 server that I specified cannot be found. I do not think the problem is in outlook or my computer. The problem is ther server and as I read through some of the posts here in the forum it seems like people are seeing problems roughly starting 4-5 days ago which is when I started having problems. I just wish AT&T would acknowledge that there is a server problem and that they are trying to resolve it as opposed to us thinking that we have a problem with our computer and we are trying to fix something in the computer that does not exist. We are chasing a ghost. What a waste of time, effort and money for all of us including AT&T as we keep on calling support.
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