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Not billed for what i signed up for


Not billed for what i signed up for

I signed up for internet with ATT back in July. At the time I was told that I would receive internet for $19 a month. The first bill came and it was $49. I call customer service and was told pay the first bill and the in it would be corrected, my next bill would be $19 and I would receive a $30 credit.


The next month came and again my bill was $49. I again called and this time was told “no, no you need to pay 3 months at full price and then you will receive a credit and it will then be at $19 a month.” I asked the customer service rep to send that to me in e-mail since I had already had two calls. I was told that she could not do that but that she had put notes down on my file and they would take care of it.


Three months passed and low a behold again my bill is $49 not $19 and I have received no credit for the difference. (which at this point is four months at $49 which equals $200, when I should have been billed four months at $19 equaling $80. That’s a$120 in which I have over paid.) I called yet again and was told again pay the $49 and it will be fixed starting next month, however they were not sure how they could do credits. When I asked for it in an e-mail I was again told they could not put anything they say on the phone in writing. I then asked to talk to a supervisor and was told that a supervisor would call me later that day after 5 pm. No one called.


I am at my wits end and about to cancel as well as file a complaint with the FCC. This seems like a billing scam that borders on corporate fraud. All I want is to be billed for what I agreed to.


Please Help.

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Re: Not billed for what i signed up for

That's exactly what we need to do. Complaint with the FCC, You are not the only one in that situation.
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Re: Not billed for what i signed up for

This is EXACTLY why I am on this forum.  Just received my third month's bill with $49 per month charged.  I've called each month and been told it would be fixed and I would have a credit by the next month.  Still nothing.  Last month, I talked to someone via chat and printed the conversation out, so I have it in writing that the charges should be fixed by the third month and I should have a credit for the overpayment.  Of course, that's not what happened.  Funny - can't get chat to work today!

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