Not able to view subaccounts


Not able to view subaccounts

hello, I hope somebody can help here. I succesfully added a sub account yesterday. I have a address. After adding the account I also added it to my main account under Yahoo, just like I did for another subaccount I have so that I can check all my emails from one place. I have not been able to make this work for the new sub account, when I look for new emails it does not bring emails from the new subaccount. The interesting issue here is that it does work if I switch views to the ATT Clasic view, however it does not with the ATT yahoo. Like I mentioned before it works fine with the other sub account I have set up. Also the new sub account shows up on the drop down for yahoo to check for new mail, it just does not pick it up for some reason. Sorry for the long post, but there is some weird stuff going on here!!!

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Re: Not able to view subaccounts

hello ac0a19,


it may be weird. but you know what, i would suggest that you just keep using the mail classic since it appears to be working fine through that version. im guessing that yahoo is still working on the bugs and glitches over the all new mail. i get the same problem myself, so i don't use the new mail interface. it's kinda too much for me...:smileyhappy:

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