Not able to receive or send emails in Apple Mail


Not able to receive or send emails in Apple Mail

For 2 weeks I continuously get the message in email program "enter password" or "server does not recognize user name & password".


I will not give all the hours spent with DSL tech & connectech technicians. Nor will I enter the details of being told it is y software which I went to Apple Genius bar & has all checked. Or even ATT refusing to admit server problems until 1 technician admitted to server difficulties & provided a temporary fixed which worked for 1 day.


I ask for help on a temporary fix to this email problem plus integrity & transparency on the part of ATT.


Thank you John-M

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Re: Not able to receive or send emails in Apple Mail

Happily I report that problems appears solved. If interested will supply settings.

The disappointment follows:


  • ATT never admitted to server problems.
  • ATT tech said Apple software faulty & do not support 3rd party software.
  • ATT pushed hard to buy support & finally had to buy one time service.
  • ATT numerous, more than 6, changed settings continuously with only brief (hours) success or none.
  • Problem existed without proper correction for more than 2 weeks.
  • ATT tech on April 14 changed outgoing server settings & mail operation began.
  • ATT tech (last one) said all software & settings occasionally develop problems.

In summary this indicates very poor integrity, transparency & ethical principles. Astonishing for such a large & alleged moral corporation.


If anyone interested can send setting which for the present operate the mail software.



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Re: Not able to receive or send emails in Apple Mail

Further to my saga of email problems with ATT server the following occurred.

  • On April 14 tech changed setting & proudly proclaimed "no further problems will occur & your system will now work continuously".
  • April 15 - same problem. Tech changed same settings & system started to function. Before signing off I requested a supervisor. He offered the following instructions.
  1. When starting computer log in to Yahoo
  2. Click on member center
  3. Enter password
  4. Open Apple Mail

This morning, April 16 followed instructions & system did operate.


The supervisor admitted to server difficulties. I asked why ATT did not followup to inquire if assistance effective. No reply.


Difficult to understand ATT wants customer to pay for tech support that does not solve the issue.


Any comments from ATT employee that tracks these boards?

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Re: Not able to receive or send emails in Apple Mail

Same all the way around. Apple support, att support - supervisors, etc. It works for a few days and then doesn't for a few days. Bottom line: All they will do is 'support your ability to get your mail via webmail' NOT client email. If you can get mail via webmail, they wash their hands of your problem.


Also, I can't get anyone to tell me what I'm paying for: Webmail or client email.

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Re: Not able to receive or send emails in Apple Mail

I'm having the same issue.  AT&T will not support me without payment.  Anyone know how to fix it?

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