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Not Getting The Speeds Promised For What I'm Paying!


Not Getting The Speeds Promised For What I'm Paying!

I am paying for this each month:
Download Speed :6.0 Mbps
Upload Speed : 512 Kbps
ALL Speed tests show:
DL 3.9 Mbps
UL 400 Kbps


And *why*, especially after the whole *cough* DSL fraud, should I have to PAY to have a tech get my speeds to where they are PROMISED? Smiley Frustrated  What do I do?



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Re: Not Getting The Speeds Promised For What I'm Paying!

One of the reasons you may not be getting the speed you thought you were going to get is that I believe AT&T has put the "brakes on" and slowed everyone's DSL responses. Why would they do this?

Simply because now they will charge you if you use over 150 GB of bandwidth per month. I know since they have instituted this policy, MY performance has gotten so bad it makes me feel like I am back to the days of dial up again.

When I purchase books from, they used to take about 1 minute per segment to download since Audible breaks their books down to about 100-120 MB per segment. With a supposed download speed of 600 MB per SECOND, that means with 8 bits to a byte I have to download 800 Megabits for a segment. At 6 Megabits per second in theory it should take 100 seconds, or 1 minute and 40 seconds to download each segment.

Before AT&T added the 150 GB cap to its service it did take 1.5 to 2 minutes to download a segment of a book. Since they instituted this cap, it now takes 10 TIMES as long to download a book segment. Last night I downloaded two books, one was 2 segments and the other was 3 and they totaled 420 MB. It should have taken 9.5 minutes since I was running NOTHING else and I even went into Task Manager and ran it at higher than normal priority. Instead it took almost an hour and a half to download and this was at 3 AM when network traffic should have been almost nonexistent! So AT&T has throttled down their performance to 1/10 of what it was before instituting their cap program.

This has caused me to run up to and over their 150 GB limit EVERY MONTH since it has been instituted. Each time I go over the limit they charge me an additional $10 for another 50 GB of bandwidth whether I go over by 1 GB or 49 GB. If I go 51 GB over they charge an additional $20 for that month. Today I was warned that I have already used 66% of the 150 GB of bandwidth and I am using my computer LESS than I have ever used it since I started using AT&T.

Obviously I am looking to find an INTERNET provider that doesn't break their original contract and then slow down their system in order to force people to use more that they "ALLOW" in bandwidth and then charge them for that usage.


The reason I went away from a cable provider is I found out that they were throttling down performance of their Internet as well as their television service after midnight so much that I couldn't watch movies without losing the signal constantly. So I switched to AT&T for my Internet service and DISH Network for my Television service. Until AT&T made this move, which is as stupid as Netflix changing its customer terms, I was very happy with the performance of AT&T DSL service. Now, as I say, it is barely better than dialup service.

In fact, I get faster performance on the Internet from my Sprint cellphone than from my landline DSL service and Sprint has no cap on bandwidth usage at all.

So that is one avenue I am looking at to replace my DSL service and if I did I would also change to Sprint for all of my telephone service as well.

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Re: Not Getting The Speeds Promised For What I'm Paying!

Your font really sucks, i can't read it pass the first paragraph.


But I agree, some time a year or 2 ago they have put some throttling/load balancing where it has a real impact on connection speed.  I am paying more than I ever did, but getting less speed.  I always had 5.5mbps on 6mbps plan.  But now hovering around 3.5mbps on peak time and ATT said it is "acceptable".  I disagree.  And I don't use that much throughput per month.  I don't BT, some light youtube/netflix and that's it.  So I am not sure if the 150gb thing is what the cause here.  I just know they want me to switch over the u-verse to pay more to get what i had before.

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Re: Not Getting The Speeds Promised For What I'm Paying!

I have a similar situation.  I am paying for 18 gb service, recently especially not getting the speed.  Just tested the 2 wire modem getting 4.6 download, 1.2 upload.  I attached a netgear router and managed to get 10gb download, 1.5 upload.  Better but not what I am paying for.  AND before anyone says unplug your router, reset your router, take your security off, I have already done that.

Also recently having a problem with the 2wire modem giving me internet access, while the netgear router allows me access.



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