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Not Fixing my Bill. Please help.


Not Fixing my Bill. Please help.

I switched to AT&T DSL internet because of their promotional rate of $19.95.  But the first bill came upto $251.  I dont know why charge me that much.  I talked to customer service many times and they told me that the bill has fixed now and will reflect in my bill within 24 hrs.  However that also didn't happen.  I went to the store couple of times and the representative called the AT&T billing department in front of me and they told him that the bill will have zero balance now.  The new Balance will reflect in my account online within 24 hours.  This is also not happen?  What to do now?  I know the AT&T will keep on increasing my bill.  Where should I go? Is there any local office to talk?  I am not satisfied with their phone customer service.   Whenever I called the customer service number they keep on transfering from one dept to another.  This thing goes for atleast 2 hours and no results.  They have a very BAD SERVICE.  HORRIBLE!!!


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Re: Not Fixing my Bill. Please help.

Welcome to the nightmare and horror's of AT&T and there customer service (or lack of)   that the rest of us have had dealings with in the past  Smiley Mad

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