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No more AT&T fed up


No more AT&T fed up

Since AT&T bought out Bellsouth service has be on steady down slope. I had DSL with Bellsouth for about 4 years and dial-up for about 8 before that and had no problems. Since AT&T took over DSL drops almost constantly (since March has been even worse!) . Tried calling customer service - Keep it courteous -!! I think I can call the elementary schools and get a better response. I thought that good customer relations would help a company prosper, but I guess you (AT&T) think otherwise. Well I guess this is it for AT&T because so long. I will be changing ALL AT&T services. Mark off one very unsatisfied customer from you list. Maybe one day you will either go out of business or get better customer relations and get someone to answer the phone who has at least a slight clue & can speak english!!!!

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Re: No more AT&T fed up

Hi nomoredsl,

I apologize if you feel that way towards the service and the customer support that you've experienced. We would like to thank you though for raising this concern and this will surely be raised to the management.

We would still like to offer help with regard to the connection issue you have. Constant dropping of connection can be caused by several factors like filtering, electromagnetic interference(EMI), radio-frequency interference(RFI), modem/router positioning, physical barriers, and  wiring among others. This issue is best resolved when working with one of our support agents over the phone, however, I understand that you no longer want to call our voice support due to communication gaps. I would still advise you to reach our voice support and ask for an On-shore agent for  further assistance.

If you are from these states: KY, TN, NC, SC, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL, please call us at 1 888 321 2375. And if you are located in CA, NV, KS, MO, OK, AR, TX, WI, MI, IL, IN, OH, CT, please call 1 888 722 3755. We look forward to helping you resolve this issue.

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