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No bill received, Credit promised, and then sent to collections!!


No bill received, Credit promised, and then sent to collections!!

Long story short (I'll try to make this short). We've been through Hades with AT&T. We went through up to 30+ different calls to customer service. More departments than I can count. Went without internet services for 2 weeks, and were lied to OVER AND OVER. Now an account that was discontinued, we were promised any charges would be removed for that account, and now we are receiving a collection notice for an amount on that bill that we were never even asked to pay. We don't owe it!! We were promised any charges would be taken off of the account that was created that we didn't even know was created, then closed just 48 hours after it was opened. We are so dizzy and lost and confused after this mess. We are just plain SICK of this company. Now they send collections on things that we've ALREADY PAID and DONT EVEN OWE!!!

This is after hours of lost time that we will never get back, and stress that makes me sick to my stomach. They do NOT care what happens to their customers. They've become so big, in the 90's and 2000's they CARED about their customers. They treat us like absolute garbage now. This happened in February, for an amount that we were LIED into paying and we're now getting collection notices! No one at ATT will do ANYTHING!

Ok first, we've had DSL for about 5-6 years. My husband has had mobile phone since he was 18, my mother and myself have had cell phones since the 90's with Cingular/ATT. With my husband's DSL service, Intermittent billing problems have occurred causing service interuption routinely over the 5-6 years. We live where we can't get hardly any service as it is through cell phone. My husband is on call with the Railroad and has been since he was 19, the whole time he's been here'. Since then calls have come through fine:. He'd get minimum 2 bars". enough to receive a call.

Earlier this year, we had to get an MCell because service suddenly dropped and we would get intermittently 1 bar or no service. We were forced to pay $200 to get MCell to give up 3G service in the house through DSL.

So in the middle of the night in January, he misses a call for an important job because DSL magically goes down. Why? Because a billing problem occurred, though he'd never changed cards they had his correct number, they forgot to charge him. So he misses a call worth $1000-1200 to go to work.  AND He is reprimanded for missing the call even though it was ATT's fault! He could have lost his frikkin job too because of this blasted crappy service. Mad... oh yeah we were. But we couldn't legally get mad because their disclaimer states they're only responsible for service not received (meaning about $.25 for that days service, or something in that ballpark). Even though, if you're with someone 15 years, you'd expect them to treat you like you've been with them 15 years.. oh no aint happening!

We called complained etc, were promised we could add a landline and bundle it. So we agree, lo and behold, we go out, pay $80 for a cordless phone set. And our internet never comes back on, landline works but DSL is down. We call tech support 5 more times, each time getting a different story. One says the phone signal is too strong, the other says the DSl signal is too strong.. even though that's impossible because it's not working. The next tells us the phone signal is too strong, and a 4th and 5th tell us the same thing, and the 5th actually gives us something to do...they tell us we need a DSL filter. We go pay $20 for that. Doesn't work. We call back 3 more times, consistently getting the story that we need to wait 2 more hours and it should come back on. This is approximately 12 hours of our time. Including time to sleep and eat on our day off that we literally never enjoyed for this month. Apparently we are now told that we don't have capacity for both services on our line, we can only have a dry loop. So we have to choose, after much arguing and asking "WHY" we were told all these lies. We are told we physically can't have both and have to choose. So we tell him we would like the Landline but we MUST have the DSL even though we can't trust the DSl at least we'd have both phone and internet for the phone to work.

So our DSL never comes back on... our landline is dead too. We call in the middle of the night and ask what in the world is going on?? They say, oh your account was canceled.. we're like, we never asked for it to be canceled we were trying to fix this based on what THEY SCREWED up and just wanted it back the WAY IT HAD BEEN for 6 years. And they say oh there's nothing you can do now because billing is closed. MY HUSBAND ALMOST MISSED ANOTHER CALL THAT NIGHT if IT WERENT FOR ME STAYING UP THE WHOLE NIGHT THEN GOING TO WORK THE NEXT DAY!! EXHAUSTED? I THINK SO. MAD? OH YEAH!! All back and they tell us that our DSl dry loop account was canceled now there's a 2 week waiting period to check our credit again to get the DSL reinstated!! YOu've GOT TO BE FRIKKIN KIDDING ME. After 2 weeks of this mess we have to go a whole month of this monkey charade?? We go 2 full weeks, having his mom, myself and his cousins on backup for the railroad calls, waking them in the middle of the night so they can call non-stop till he might get 1 bar and answer the call and go to work. Mad.. oh you bet. But it gets better.

We finally get it reinstated. Then they send us a letter in the mail saying we're past due $88.67. He calls thinking it's just the DSL, they tell him oh yeah, it's a billing problem on your dry loop. They literally say it's on the current dry loop account so he gives an honest sorry, thinking it's his fault, though it's not and pays the balance PLUS the next month's bill in advance. PLUS the regular $32 bill for the dry loop comes out automatically on the actual account we use! We have a lot of bills that come out and LIVES to live, we never saw the $32 extra till we looked today. And guess what.. we get a collection notice in the mail for $88.67 which we discovered both he paid them PLUS didn't even owe in the first place since we literally had a working landline for just under 48 hours and were promised since the mixup was their mistake that we would be credited for the bill AND WE were promised that we would be prorated a credit back for the partial DSL service that was missed. WE RECEIVE NO SUCH CREDITS, but were DINGED on his CREDIT report for putting up with this crap!! And the landline was nowhere near $88!! There is no way it was $88, where they get this stupid amount I have no idea! but we were swindled into paying it now they're screwing up our credit for NO REASON!!! What action can we take? All 30+ of the reps seem like they are just gonna fix it all at first but then become uncooperative, are saying we owe this, that nothing reflects we had problems..Why are these people NOT PROPERLY TRAINED?? Why does the customer of 15 FRIKKIN YEARS have to put up with this utter nonsense!??? what do we do to get this off my husband's credit? Why is ATT pulling this stupid childish nonsense??

We never even received a bill for this amount, only a collection notice!

Seriously... after having the money to pay what they want, being lied to and THEN charged what we don't owe, the main thing is it HURTING OUR CREDIT. $88 is so insignificant it makes me so angry that we were lied to and it culminated in this mess!!

If I ever get away from this house I am ditching EVERY SINGLE SERVICE I HAVE WITH ATT and my family and myself have been with them since they were Cingular in 1997!!!

Signed, ex customer of 15 years! 
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Re: No bill received, Credit promised, and then sent to collections!!

I don't care what happens.. I am reporting this to BBB. This is utter nonsense and will not be tolerated.

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Re: No bill received, Credit promised, and then sent to collections!!

Try contacting Alex, one of the AT&T Community Managers for further assistance.

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Re: No bill received, Credit promised, and then sent to collections!!

Did you get this resolved?

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