No NNTP/Newsgroups!!


No NNTP/Newsgroups!!

Just signed a 1 year contract for DSL, installed and registered, and discovered that AT&T doesn't provide ANY support for NNTP Newsgroups...None At All!!  Can anyone spell R-I-P-O-F-F???  Now we're stuck with a contract and I've lost half of my internet information sources!!

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Re: No NNTP/Newsgroups!!

Hi Tek!

Sorry about this delayed response, I try to get to as many of these posts as I can but I do have a "real" job so sometimes it takes a little time. Usually in those cases someone else has offered some sort of help by now, guess just not this time. So you're having issues with your NNTP reader client, which one are you using? I don't subscribe to NNTP services but I'm sure if I know the client you're using, I can find the configuration we need to resolve your concerns. Hope this post finds you well and not having given up.


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