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No NBC Olympics Access?


No NBC Olympics Access?

What kind of stab in the back is this? I log on to the olympics site, expecting to be able to look at some of the lesser known events, when I get asked for my internet provider. To my surprise, there is no "AT&T", only "AT&T U-Verse." So what, I can't get the same features that other ISPs offer simply because I live in an area where U-Verse is not offered? So, I look around at other metropolitan areas, and I see that there are other large areas that are left out. What kind of thanks is thus, AT&T? I've been a loyal customer for quite some time now, but to block more than half of your customers from being able to access something as simple as the Olympics is a bad business decision. I'll be happy to note that the other game in town, Atlantic Broadband, DOES have a partnership with NBC. That such a small carrier can have it and AT&T's DSL customers can't is absurd. What are you guys thinking?
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Re: No NBC Olympics Access?

Hi Aaronburro,


You may also send feedback regarding your concern through the AT&T Yahoo Homepage ( On the upper right corner of the homepage, you will see a Help button, please click on it and then click on Send Feedback. 


We thank you for letting us know your concern and rest assured that this will be noted. 



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