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No DSL for 8 Days +


No DSL for 8 Days +

We are going on our 8th day of no service.  This is our 3rd long outage in less than a year.  When we call and input our number it gives us a "network outage" message, with NO time estimated for return of service, and the reminder that cust serv has NO further info.  This has been incredibly frustrating to say the least especially when our neighbors have
We have been refused a tech because it is a "network" outage.  The first time the tech dept told us that we were connected to a NC Charlotte port affecting 10,000 + people for 4 days.  This time we were told we were connected to a SC Charleston port affecting 34 people.
I have asked if we can switch phone numbers or change ports or have someone come and check the connections or give us some other work around.  In this day and age, internet disruption should not be this long.  I work at home and this has been unacceptibla.  We had to buy a netbook and pay for a Verizon account just for this situations.
Is there anything that can be done to assist us other than terminating service?!  Any numbers, emails, equipment??
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Re: No DSL for 8 Days +

Hello SLH,


I apologize that you had to go through this unpleasant experience.


To find out if there is an outage, enter your phone number on our Repair site, Choose High Speed Internet/DSL and enter your telephone number. Our automated system will advise if there is an outage in your area. If there is no outage in your area, you will be prompted to create a trouble report for your repair issue, then you may contact AT&T technical support at 1-888-321-2375 (open 24/7) and troubleshoot according to their recommendation. They will run a line test on your AT&T DSL line and help you to resolve the issue accordingly. It is advisable that you are able to talk to our technical support agent for them to contact our Network Engineers to check if your port is within normal parameters. If needed, they can dispatch a technician to correct it.

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