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New to ATT U-Verse, now I can't send email!


New to ATT U-Verse, now I can't send email!

I've read many threads on here about problems with email as of late with Outlook and other programs. And after speaking with way too many people at ATT today, I finally got one on the phone that admitted there's a problem with their server(s).


So in my Outlook 2007, I had several POP accounts set up. When U-Verse was installed the other day, I was no longer able to send messages. ATT was no help. I called the company that handles my email, and they said that it looked like ATT somehow has port 25 blocked.


I tried to set up the ATT email address I got when I signed up, and none of the settings I've seen on their website, or on this forum works. So no only can I NOT send my own email, ATT's email won't work either.


I do have an old Prodigy email address that goes through att/yahoo, and that DOES send with no problems.


I tried using my outgoing server information from Prodigy and applying it to my other email addresses, but it simply won't work that way.


I've already spent entirely too much time on this, and based on what I've read from others, it's only going to get worse.


If anybody has suggestions on how to get my non-att email addresses to send, i'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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Re: New to ATT U-Verse, now I can't send email!

I have the same problem.... I can receive but unable to send email using my POP3 mail client via my company server. I can't sending my email with different SMTP server settings.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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Re: New to ATT U-Verse, now I can't send email!

I finally got somebody on the phone that admitted there was a problem with their servers, but had no idea when / if the problem would be solved at least with their own email.


Now for my email that used port 25, I had a technician stop by the house yesterday and he said that att blocks port 25 (for some reason), and they can unblock it, but they want to charge for this! Can you believe it...they block a popular port that interferes with your email, and want to charge you money to unblock it. Really?? Is this ethical? Is this legal?


So far my short-term experience with att is like a practical can't make this stuff up!

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