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New Customers Get the Breaks


New Customers Get the Breaks

If I was to sign up now as a new customer, Basic, Express.Pro all start for $14.95 for a full year with a free modem.

It's a great reason to come to ATT but it always seems a little unfair to me that new customers get the breaks but loyal customers who remain year after year don't get any breaks.  I pay $33 a month and have been paying it both at my current residence and my previous.    I have Express which is far from fast and getting slower all the time.


New customers also get a new modem.  When my modem recently went out, I had to pay $75 for a new modem to continue to use ATT.  (I was also told this would be divided into 3 equal payments which of course was not true so had a huge phone bill  for a couple of months before I could get it all paid.)   Being on social security, a big inconvience.


But I always wonder why these big companies offer so much for new customers but the customers who stay with them for years never get any breaks.  I could drop ATT today, sign up again next month and then pay $14.95 for a year.  Just doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

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Re: New Customers Get the Breaks

When I had DSL, the modem always ended up being free as ATT would give you a mail-in rebate; maybe that's changed?


Alex can help if you send him a PM here:


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