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Network connection problems with laptop

Network connection problems with laptop

We just got DSL in our home, and have the Linksys WRT110 wireless router. We followed the instructions on how to bridge our Motorola 2210 (Silver) modem to work with the router. We have two desktops (Windows 7 is wired and XP is wireless), and 1 laptop (Windows 7) connected to our wireless network. The two desktops work fine, but when the laptop starts to connect we lose the network connection. Although the Modem shows we still have a DSL connection, no computers can connect to the internet. After a few minutes the network reconnects and all computers are able to get online. Is there a setting I need to adjust on the laptop to prevent this from happening everytime?

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Re: Network connection problems with laptop

I can restart the XP computer and the network is fine, when I restart either the laptop or desktop with Windows 7 I lose network connection on all computers for several minutes. When the network first comes back up it shows unknown network with no internet connection. Only when it shows the name of my network listed as home network do I reconnect to the internet. Has anybody else had this problem connecting Windows 7 to a network?

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Re: Network connection problems with laptop

Wish I could help but you are farther along than I am!  Where did you find the instructions for bridging the 2210 modem?  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Network connection problems with laptop

I found the instructions on how to bridge my modem by typing in "How to bridge modem" in the search bar in the upper right corner on Then I clicked on "Connecting a non-AT&T provided router to your AT&T Internet connection". On the next screen I clicked the blue link "How to set up home networking and enable bridge mode" However, now that I have bridged the modem, I can't connect to the modem's interface page using the IP address that was provided.  I have not really worked on that problem because my network works great as long as the laptop isn't powered up. For some unknown reason my laptop disconnects the network. After a few minutes the laptop connects to the network and then all computers can connect. I think it may be more along the lines of an IP conflict, but not sure.

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Re: Network connection problems with laptop

Turn off "Home Group" in WIN 7 and make sure your network connection in WIN 7 is set to private or home. Turn on network discovery as well.



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Re: Network connection problems with laptop

done this, didn't work. All computers still get disconnected from the internet while laptop is starting up.
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Re: Network connection problems with laptop

Problem solved for now, daughter moved out with the laptop. Never did figure outwhy it would shut my network down for several minutes.

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