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Netgear 7550 "Loss of Signal"


Netgear 7550 "Loss of Signal"

Letely, my internet seems slower.

Whenever I try to watch youtube videos, the video will load for like 5 seconds then stall for 10 seconds, then load for another 5 seconds then stall etc...

Even when I try to play online games on my PS3, the game would show "connection interrupted."


So today, I opened up my control panel, and under advanced->statistics, I found that I had a "loss of signal... to internet" of about 373 and "CRC error... to gateway" of about 80146, and to my amazement, everytime I reloaded the page those numbers would only increase!!!


So now I need to know if it is normal for you to have so much signal loss and CRC error, and if not should I call at&t and ask for a tech...


Statistics Screenshot


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Re: Netgear 7550 "Loss of Signal"

Yes you should call to run some tests.  There are many things that can cause this issue.  If you do not want to call, you can trbl shoot online at  You can even submit a repair ticket if you want.  plus there is a chat link where you can get online tech support.  You should not have all the dropps and buffering.  I also prefer online support to calling on the phone.

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Re: Netgear 7550 "Loss of Signal"

Thanks a bunch.

I'll try the online support thing first then call them if it dosen't get resolved.

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