Navigation Bar blocked on AT&T Home page?


Navigation Bar blocked on AT&T Home page?

I may be in the wrong place, so forgive me if I am...I have been trying to figure out and solve this problem for two days ....On my AT&T home page I cannot view the navigator bar with the Favorites and the little house and printer....The icons are there but the bar is black? The icons that I do see do work.... What is the problem here...just started about three weeks ago and I hven't done anything that I can think of to cause this...... Thanks for any help
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Re: Navigation Bar blocked on AT&T Home page?

Hi mak!


the same thing happened to me before. what i did, i clicked on View on top left of my page and then Toolbars and I just checked everthing that's there. that works for IE.


hope this helps. : )

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