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Nasty Customer Service


Nasty Customer Service

I went on line to pay the ATT bill. I found the amount demanded by ATT to be grossly exaggerated with charges for a replacement modem b/c to two prior modems were defective. I called customer service to dispute the charges and have them adjusted. I spent nearly three hours talking to incompetent reps. Amy tried to force me to call tech services and argue with them about adjusting my bill. I was like, uh isn't that your job. She shuffled my call back into the cue and I had to start from square one. This time I got Shenika who had no clue how to approach the problem. She disconnected me on the pretense of transferring me to a more skilled CSR. I called in again. This time I got Michael. He was on verge of resolving the issue but kept putting me on hold to go somewhere for something unstated and once again the call was disconnected without resolution. I called again. This time I got Jack. Jack talked to me like I was his child. Jack asked me the same questions I had answered on the several previous calls. I asked Jack why he did not simply read the notes and pick up where the others had left off. Jack said, "there are no notes from today's contacts or from the modem replacement contact". Jack proceeded, after putting me on hold several times, to adjust the bill and quoted me an adjusted amount that still sounded inflated. When I asked Jack to itemize the amounts that made up his quote Jack hung up on me and just left me holding the phone for over 20 minutes. I called again. This time I got A.J. who resolved the issue in a courteous manner in 10 minutes or less.   He tried to get me to a supervisor so I could make a complaint against the others, but ended up saying no one in authority was available. He took my name and contact number saying someone would contact me, but this is the next day at noon and no one has called. I think it is egregious that a public service company can get so big that it's only concern is profit by any means; that it fails to properly train and supervise it's public contact personnel; that they are so lacking in standards and discipline that the public contact personnel feel comfortable engaging in abusive and unprofessional behaviors; that they fail to immediately follow up on customer concerns. Bottom line, ATT has lost it's corporate mind and is fast losing it's corporate edge. In parting I want to note how facetious and virtually impossible it is to post a complaint with the corporate authorities.  They have rendered themselves inaccessible and invisible to the concerns of their customers. Gives new meaning to the adage, “gone from the sublime to the ridiculous!”

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Re: Nasty Customer Service

AT&T would just run you in circles, and would try to upsell you a new modem.

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Poor service. And more

Wow!  I feel like i need to get some of this off my chest.  I've got AT&T DSL.  It's been running really funky for last two months.  Called AT&T to try to resolve problem.  Salesman ended up signing me up for "U-verse" without my knowing.  Received huge bill.  Called & spoke with them to cancel & this took hours and then days later i received all the set-up equipment for U-verse.  Had to return via ups.  Spoke with reps again.  Cancelled acctt again!  Just received another bill.  On phone now to argue bill and huge wait.  I bet i've spent 6 hours with this issue for service i never ordered.  Horrible!  


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Re: Poor service. And more

@Beulah, thank you for joining the community, and thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time getting this resolved. Let me know if you still need help. Please send me a private message, (envelope icon in top right), with your account number, full name and contact phone number. I'll get you in touch with a manager who can assist. 


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