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NVG510 router behind router


NVG510 router behind router

I would like to use my cisco e3200 router behind my NVG510 router/modem i just got.  I can't seem to get the e3200 to get to the internet.  The att  tech support wasn't very helpful.  the e3200 has some features (parental controls and guest access) i'd like to keep plus all my devices are already set up to it.  

How do i get my NVG510 to send the internet through to my e3200 so i can coninue connecting my devices to it?  i've seen some suggestions on IP Passthrough and the att tech guy led me to Public Subnet and Cascaded Router but was unsure of the settings.

any help would be appreciated.


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Re: NVG510 router behind router

Any update here?

Just received my NVG510 and got it running tonight. I do not have the same situation as you do but I do have IP Passthrough working. IP Passthrough seems like a good way to get a single public IP address to an internal router.

Cascaded router and public subnet seem like the way to distribute multiple public IP addresses to hosts on your internal network through the NVG510.
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