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NO HELP FOR INTERNET-ONLY EMAIL USERS - HOUR 4 being transferred all over the country with no help


NO HELP FOR INTERNET-ONLY EMAIL USERS - HOUR 4 being transferred all over the country with no help

I've been trying since 11:30 last night to get to someone at ATT that understands that


   1. I am only an email user.  Not a high-speed internet user.  Not a DSL customer.  Not a dial-up customer.  Not a wireless

       phone user.  Not a Yahoo Small Business customer


   2. I have a relatively simple question about categories on this new Yahoo Mail system I was forced into


   3. From 11:30pm - 1:30am last night I was transferred to about 5 different phones, all of which made me go thru the same

       questions, and none of which knew anything about email, and all of which transferred me to a completely unrelated support

       center to start the process again


   4. This morning (now moving into the afternoon) I spent another 2 hours doing the same thing.  The last guy I was transferred

       to by an ATT person (and I was transferred did not dial it myself) was from Yahoo Small Business accounts and was     

      extremely rude and said I had called the wrong company and they had nothing to do with ATT and he refused to let me

      speak to his supervisor when  I pollitely suggested that maybe someone above him would know that ATT and Yahoo do

      have some sort of relationship.


   5. Also, note prior to starting the calling process I looked at the woefully inadequate on-line support topics, that don't

       cover emailing to groups whatsoever.



Here's the simple "problem" (or is this a "feature"?)


From all appearances, the way "Categories", or email groups was instituted on this system is the most primitive and

stupid thing I've ever seen.  And, having been a systems analyst/programmer for many years I know that to fix this HUGE problem would take a programmer about 10 minutes.


Here's the problem (I still can't believe it's this way - I just want someone to tell me I'm doing something wrong!)


1. You set up say 20 people (I've heard that's the max, which is ridiculous) in a "Category" called "TENNIS GROUP"

2. You want to send the same message to 18 of the 20 people in the group.  So, you:

     a. Hit the New button to create the email

     b. The screen comes up with "TO:", "CC", "Subject" and an area to type the body of your email

     c. In the "TO" field, you start typing "TEN" to get the group to come up from the list of contacts

     d. You see "TENNIS GROUP" listed (doesn't show who is IN TENNIS GROUP)

     e. You select "TENNIS GROUP"

     f. "TENNIS GROUP" appears next to "TO:".   The individual email addreses in the group DO NOT SHOW.



3. I think this is what you would have to do:

    a. Go into the address book/contacts, finding TENNIS GROUP

    b. Print the screen to show all the people in the group

    c. Retrieve the screen print from the printer

    d. Start your new message, then INDIVIDUALLY SELECT ALL 18 FROM THE ADDRESS BOOK




And why can't I find anyone in North America that can talk about the email system?  And why isn't there a live chat with a technical person?  And why isn't there any way to send ATT an email with a problem and/or suggestion.


If this "Category" thing isn't resolved, or if someone can't tell me I'm just missing something and am doing it wrong, I am leaving ATT after 7 or 8 years and going to Verizon or something.


Will look forward to having an educated ATT email support or technician contact me at:

*personal information removed for safety*

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Re: NO HELP FOR INTERNET-ONLY EMAIL USERS - HOUR 4 being transferred all over the country with no he

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