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NETGEAR DGND3300 DSL Light FLashes/Stays off


NETGEAR DGND3300 DSL Light FLashes/Stays off

Can any of you guys help me out? I bought a NETGEAR DGND3300 when i run the setup wizard it does not detect any connection. Filling out the info in basic settings did not work eitha. Lights on the DGND3300 are as follow: Green Power Green switch#1 Orange 2.4 Blue 5GHz DSL lighht flashes for a bit then stays off and continues to do that but its mainly off. Can anyone help me set this router/modem up? Thank you
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Re: NETGEAR DGND3300 DSL Light FLashes/Stays off

hi CaliLove310!

the DSL light on your Netgear should always stay solid green to get a good internet connection. try checking on the ff:
1. check for good dial tone, no static/fuzzy noise
2. all telephony devices using the same # as your DSL should all be connected thru DSL filters (i.e fax machine, satellite dish, alarm systems etc.)
3. unplug and re-plug the DSL cable from the Netgear and the pjack, make sure both ends are on a tight fit
4. turn off the Netgear for 2 full minutes, then turn it back on
5. Netgear not on a carpeted floor and at least 3 ft. away from other eloctomagnetic devices

the DSL light indicates if you are getting good signal from the AT&T network. see if your DSL light still blinks after checking on the above setup.

hope this helps! :smileyhappy:
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Re: NETGEAR DGND3300 DSL Light FLashes/Stays off

Thanks for the quick response akee, unfortunatly I tried all of the steps you listed and still get the same problem with the DSL light If I hook up my old 2wire I'm replacing with the Netgear, dsl light stays green and internet light stays green with internet working. But when I hook up the netgear the dsl light flashes and then stays off, and starts flashin after a while again but turns off.
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Re: NETGEAR DGND3300 DSL Light FLashes/Stays off

I called ATT, turns out my DSL line is having problems, turns out my line is diminished and isnt letting me connect and get full speeds. Technician should be out here tomorrow morning, thanks for your help akee.
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Re: NETGEAR DGND3300 DSL Light FLashes/Stays off

no problem, glad to hear that they had figured out what was wrong with the line. i'm just wondering though why the 2Wire gets a steady DSL light while the Netgear does not...
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Re: NETGEAR DGND3300 DSL Light FLashes/Stays off

Just hope as ATT said the DSL line problem. I just wonder why the device gone bad so quick and easy. The first moden I got is two wire from Southwestern Bell, it last for four years and the second last for 14 month is that Motorola, same model the third one getting problem jusy more then a month of usage. I paid the same price (around seventy dollars) for a DVB digital satellite receiver that last for three years and still working. Big company like ATT as well as Motorola not always good and use quality products, the bad device I opened and saw all three resistors are POP on the top, very cheap and low quality components in the device., I can say we paid and not getting what we paid for.
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Re: NETGEAR DGND3300 DSL Light FLashes/Stays off

I am having the same problems and have been on the phone with both ATT and Netgear.  ATT will not speak with me regarding the Netgear product and Netgear is out of ideas.


Have tried all items previously posted.  VPI/VSI settings are correct.  PPPoE account name and password are correct.  Netgear even tried manually using the same MAC address as the 2wire.


Tech was at the house today and getting the best noise/attenuation/output settings the tech has seen in recent months.


However, when plugging the phone line into the Netgear devise, it does not recognize the DSL signal.


Has anyone been successful in getting the DSL light to go green with ATT (formerly the Bellsouth region) and connect to the internet?  Any ideas?


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