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My messages no longer on yahoo mail

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My messages no longer on yahoo mail

As of this morning, all of my mail is showing up on Outlook including all of my history.  How do I get it back and why did this happen? I would at least like to make sure that it shows up both places if the outlook thing isn't a problem.

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Re: My messages no longer on yahoo mail

Hi alynmar,


We realize the inconvenience you are experiencing and would be happy to fix the issue for you.


This issue usually comes up if a third party e-mail program such as Outlook or Windows Mail is accidentally set up and all the mails from your AT&T Yahoo online mail account ( get downloaded in the e-mail program.



An option in Outlook named "Leave a copy of message on the server" needs to be checked in the settings. This would ensure that a copy of the mail is saved in your AT&T Yahoo online mail.



There is no automatic settings to send the mail back to your online mail account. You would need to set up Outlook with your e-mail address. Then manually forward the mail one by one to your e-mail address. This would make a copy of the mail to be delivered in the inbox of the online mail.



The following link will have the complete steps with the basic configuration information which is important for any e-mail program to be able to send and receive e-mail using an AT&T e-mail address


Please select the version of Outlook (2000/2002/2003/2007/2010) when you click on the link to verify the settings.



AT&T has a specialized support named AT&T ConnecTech who can assist you with setting up Outlook. AT&T ConnecTech agents are highly skilled to support a wide variety of non-AT&TIS hardware and software applications.


They have the expertise and tools available to assist you with your issue.


For information about pricing and the services available, please contact AT&T ConnecTech Support at 866-294-3464. open 24/7.
Please visit which would provide detailed information on the products and services of ConnecTech.

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