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My e-mail was hacked


My e-mail was hacked

Furthermore, I've tried about 10 different phone numbers for technical support, but I cannot get to a human on the phone....only automated systems that keep running in circles before finally disconnecting me.


I have Norton 360 on my PC - I've run a complete system scan with no issues. I have changed my ATT password. I still am blocked from sending mail.  It's ridiculous that I spend literally $500 a month on ATT services, and I cannot get to a single live human to help resolve the issue.


How do I resolve the problem?

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Re: My e-mail was hacked

Hmmm.....apparently I accidentally deleted the 1st paragraph of the above message as it was sending.....


I've spent 10 hours today on every AT&T & Yahoo mail website that I can find, and I've attempted to apply every "fix" and recommendation that was listed. I still cannot send e-mails -- I can receive them, but cannot send. 


How long will my e-mail be blocked? I do run a business, and I've been unable to contact some of my customers all day because I only have e-mail contact for them.

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Re: My e-mail was hacked

Sorry you're having a problem getting ATT support.  I can sympathize.

Have you fixed the problem yet?

If not, you can try dowloading a free anti-malware program. I use it on occasion and it finds objects when popular commercial products haven't.

Go to  and look for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.  Read the page carefully!  Use the green box that says 'download now - cnet secure download' and make sure you have the FREE version.  If you mistakenly download a trial copy of the $$$ version, you'll be prompted at a later date to purchase.

Close email and other programs, so there isn't a chance of a conflict.

Install and execute the Full Scan.  See if it picks up other objects that Norton may not have.

If it discovers objects, follow the prompts to quarantine them.  Then open email again and retry.

I hope it works!

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Re: My e-mail was hacked

Please let me know if you find help. I have had over 15 E-mails sent from my E-mail address this morning all at the same time.I DID NOT SEND THEM! The same thing happen two days ago. and this has been happening over the last  couple of months seems to be sending more each time???? If I can't get resolved I'm changing from ATT.


Sorry I needed to VENT TOO!

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Re: My e-mail was hacked

The best thing to do if you get hacked is to change your password, which you did!


Now you are having trouble sending emails?  Are you accessing your email using the web? or from Outlook or some other POP or IMAP program on your computer.  If you change your ATT password, you also need to be sure to change it in your email account settings in Outlook or other POP or IMAP program on your computer.


Also, check for Treatment Item 4 on this link:


Hacking is on the rise!  I know 10 people hacked in the last 30 days! I wonder why it hasn't been on the news?


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