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My bill changed without previous notice !


My bill changed without previous notice !

I am really upset. My High Speed Internet (Express) bill came from 17.50 (for the last 3 invoices) to 27.69 (for Dec-Jan 2012) ! Not even a phone call or an e-mail preventing me.  What is the purpose of collecting all my contact info if ATT does not use this to inform their customers about such changes?


I asked for help this morning (8:55 am) and Mr. {Personal content removed for safety} (ATT Rep) did not solve anything about my billing concerns. Is anyone else experiencing same situation?


ATT Rep just asked me to pay this Bill and he did not offer any promotion. In return, he requested me to listen to offers for adding new services.. HOW COME...?

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Re: My bill changed without previous notice !

It's possible you were receiving a promotional price and the promotional period is up.


If you feel that this is truly in error you can contact Alex and he should be able to put you in contact with the appropriate people to straighten this issue out for you.




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Re: My bill changed without previous notice !

I got my Internet service jumped from $17.99 to $35 without any notice either.  This is the trick we have to learn about ATT, but I can't accept a 100% raise on the serive price.  If the new price is what ATT can offer, I will switch to other carrier.

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