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My Neighbor might be the cause for faulty internet and wireless phone strength.


My Neighbor might be the cause for faulty internet and wireless phone strength.

As of today I went online and checked the ATT Coverage in my area. It is strong everywhere around me and should not have any problems so I know that is not the issue. The internet was going out constantly (literally every 3 minutes or so). I ordered a new router and installed it and it doesnt go out hardly at all. However I still see it go out every now and then and I don't know why. Also my phone strength in the house is usually 1 bar and drops calls constantly. the landline works fine but for all my important calls I use the cell phone. 


My neighbor across the alley way from me has a rediculous set up on his property of 1 massive dish. an antena, another dish on his roof with 2 antena sticking out the side of it, it also has something that looks like a radar dish with an antena sticking out of that as well (not to mention the super long antena he has on his car haha). Not only does it look hideous when I look in the back yard but I'm wondering if all the stuff he has set up is ruining the service we pay for at home.


I could just be angry and frustrated and quick to blame the guy. 


Could all that stuff he has on his roof be ruining my coverage and peoples coverage around me as well?

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Re: My Neighbor might be the cause for faulty internet and wireless phone strength.

It's possible you are getting interference from the neighbor.  Take a look at this site, and see what comes up with your address.


Make sure the WIRELESS CHANNEL is NOT set to Auto. Pick another Channel and Save.

To find out which channels your neighbors are using, download inSSIDer .
Find a channel that is not being used by many, and/or one that is not overlapping others on the graph.  You can also analyze other interference with this tool.

For SECURITY--AUTHENTICATION TYPE, are all devices set the same as your router?

WPA2 is the most secure (at this time) and recommended.

All devices should have the same password as your router.

Detailed info about Wireless Interference can be found in this post.  Disregard the links there for going into your router, since pages on Uverse's router are different.


For your cell service, you may have to go with ATTs 3G MicroCell.

Further discussion about this device can be seen on the Wireless Forum, here.



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