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My Internet isn't working


My Internet isn't working

HI, i have been an AT&T customer for over two years now, and although their phone service has been satisfactory, i have been dealing with some issues with the internet service. I have been calling their "customer support" but i get the same instructions every single time, go reset your modem. I have two modems and whichever one i try to use, neither of them works. I am currently connected to my neighbor's wifi connection to try to get help. IF anyone has any suggestions please do tell. 


P.S. im pretty close to switching to comcast.

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Re: My Internet isn't working

I'm in the same boat. I've been a Bellsouth/AT&T DSL customer for about 7-8 years. In the last six months I've had more DSL outages (~ 8-12) than all the previous years combined. It's out again today (I'm also "borrowing" a neighbor's WiFi via Comcast) and I hear the same story from Customer Service (reset modem, can't complete test to my modem, Engineering closed on Sunday, etc.). I'm losing patience with AT&T as well. For $42.95/mo I expect a heck of a lot better than this.
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Re: My Internet isn't working

Hi George,
When you say that neither modem works, what are the symptoms? Does the DSL light flash?
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