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My AT&T Experience


My AT&T Experience

Around five years ago, there was an Ice Storm in my region, which knocked out my cable services for two weeks. The cable company would not fix the issue in a timely manner, so I switched to AT&T DSL.


At the time, I had the 3Mbps plan, and all was well. This was in 2007. Approximately two years later, my Wireless Gateway broke. The started out with a series of disconnects, and it finally fully failed. AT&T wanted to charge me for a replacement, but since I was a customer for two years, they agreed to replace it for free.


Again, all was well. However, starting at around 2010, the internet began dropping once in a while. I assumed this was a minor issue, but it became more persistent. At some point in 2010, I made a phone call, and I was told that they were aware of the issue in my area, and would fix it in a timely manner. I contacted customer support in a few days from that time, and they denied that there ever was an issue in the area. My Wireless Gateway was blamed, and I was told to purchase a new one.


I ignored the issue, as it was not very severe. By 2011, the internet would disconnected at least five times per day, but I gave it no mind, as I moved away for college. My parents didn't use the internet very much, and it was okay for them.


When I came back, the same issue was there. I had grown used to it, and I was sure the Gateway was fine, so I didn't bother contacting AT&T support, as they would just waste my time and tell me I was wrong. About a week ago though, this issue became unbarable. The internet disconnected at least once per hour.


I called again, a total of six times. The first time, I was told to purchase a new Gateway. The second time, I was told to do troubleshooting again, and change my filters/purchase a new Gateway. The third time, I was told the line connection test failed, so they would dispatch people to repair it. The fourth time, I was told that the last person was wrong, and I should purchase a new Gateway. At this point, I went and purchased a new Modem/Router, and the same errors continued. The fifth time, I was told that it was because it was a third party Modem. Seriously? Now it's being blamed on the brand new modem I purchased, so I call again, and guess what? Several errors found in my area. 


Okay, so at this point, that's six calls. I call again today to see the status, and I'm directed to do all the Modem troubleshooting again. I do it anyway, and they tell me that yes, even more issues have been found, without an ETA on when they will be fixed.


Anyway, I'm left with a Gateway, a Modem, a Router, and no internet. During the last three hours, my internet has disconnected and reconnected at least one hundred times, every single minute. It has stabilized to the point where I can access websites now, but it disconnects every few minutes.


I have already ordered service from a local cable company until the issues are fixed, but if I continue getting terrible customer service and a terrible connection, I will be forced to switch permanently. I've been with AT&T for five years, and I would like to keep it that way. What should I do?

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Re: My AT&T Experience

@XeeneRoX Welcome to the community and thank you for your post! I'm so sorry that you've had ongoing issues with your connection, and that you've had no luck in getting it resolved. If you can please send me a Private Message, (blue envelope in top right), with your account number, full name on the account, and your contact number I can engage a specialist to assist. 


Thank you,



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