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Modem vs. Wireless Gateway


Modem vs. Wireless Gateway

    I am considering Direct DSL (without home phone service).  If I order online, I have a choice of eithe a free DSL modem ($75.00 value) or a free wireless gateway ($100.00 value).  Looking at the specs of the gateway, it appears that it does everything the regular DSL modem does, in addition to also providing me with wireless services in my home.  Meaning, I can hook my PC directly to the gateway via ethernet. Or I can use my wireless card in my laptop to access the internet.


    Why would I not take the wireless gateway?  It seems stupid to get the lesser valued modem, with less capabilities when the wireless gateway does the same stuff, plus more.

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Re: Modem vs. Wireless Gateway

Hello gregcarey,

If you want to use AT&T Internet services on your laptop wirelessly in your house, you can use any of the modem/router provided by AT&T with the wireless compatibility. Through wireless gateway is an all-in-one solution that combines the functions of a router and a DSL modem therefore; two separate devices are not required to set up your home or office network.
You can connect multiple computers to the Internet with Wi-Fi and Ethernet. You can also connect several devices in your home for a secure networking experience.

To buy modem/router provided by AT&T see the AT&T eStore web site, through the link mentioned below:

Main Page URL -

You can also contact equipment shop at 888-573-4147.

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